So, my new project is called ProLinux, for anyone interested I've set up a community on, which is also an exercise in "is Slack any good?".


Well, having to work with RedHat and CentOS professionally has finally gotten the better of me, being told "we have to use RedHat because it's the only approved Linux with commercial support" to then be told that the organisation in question didn't actually have any commercial licenses nor had it ever placed any support calls with Redhat ...

My premise is that the UK needs a stable, quality, commercially supported version of Linux that's available to organisations within the UK, that does not involve using outdated software with prohibitively expensive licensing fees.

What is it?

ProLinux is a Linux distribution based on the Debian distribution, available in three flavours and customised specifically for business users. Much of the choice often associated with Linux is removed from the installation process leaving installers with the bare minimum to configure, which is most cases is their name only. So, quite literally, anyone can install the desktop version. (Caveat; the Desktop version is as yet unreleased)

How is it different?

To start with, the major differentiation is the cut-down installer, the package selection, and the commercial support. Moving forward the kernel will be customised for additional speed, default desktop settings tunes and a number of proprietary packages added.

  1. Automatic VPN configuration for secure remote support
  2. Automated NoMachine installation for remote support
  3. Automated Google Chrome installation / updates
  4. Commercial Groupware/email solution included (with email address)
  5. ZFS as the root filesystem for server installations
  6. Customised XFCE Desktop (only)
  7. Support for VPN based remote workers
  8. 100% UK based support
  9. Optional Virtual PABX (FreePBX)
  10. Optional Virtual Cloud Store (OwnCloud)
  11. Optional Server / Desktop migration service
  12. Optional Web design, hosting, and DNS services
  13. Optional network and infrastructure consultancy
Unique features

One of the potential features the development process has thrown up is the ability to easily create customised versions of the installer, so we will be able to offer tailored and branded versions of ProLinux to organisations who want to run their 'own' version of Linux, but still want to use ProLinux's repos and professional support services.


We have obtained a sublicense from the Linux Foundation as follows;

License Number: 20150910-0551
Website: /
Country: United Kingdom
Sublicense Mark: prolinux
Sublicense Mark URL: 
Goods: Distribution of software that is Linux-based
Services: Consulting services for implementation and use of computer software or hardware that is Linux-based. Documentation supporting the implementation and use of computer software (publications) based upon Linux. Distribution of software that is Linux-based.
Getting involved

If this project sounds interesting and you'd like to take part in some (any) way, head over to the slack site, register, then ping me! :-)