Mini Ghost review

After using Wordpress for many years as a platform for developing websites, I've finally come to a point where I want my own Blog .. so I end up using something called 'ghost'.


Using Wordpress would have been the logical choice, but Wordpress comes with a lot of baggage and if you 'only' want to blog, setting up all the surrounding cruft can be a royal PITA.

Ghost is clean, concise, comes with a usable theme and doesn't encourage you to waste your time wandering through thousands of optional plugins that have nothing to do with Blogging and everything to do with distracting you from the important stuff (i.e. the content).


To run Ghost you need NodeJS, NPM and that's pretty much it, although sticking it behind a proxy server is recommended - I'm using NGINX.


The BIG thing for me is markup, generally markup is a great concept but quite annoying to use, because it's yet another text based markup language and if you know HTML, it sort of gets in the way. In this particular instance the editor gives you two side-by-side windows that update as you type, markup on the left and preview (HTML) on the right, so you know exactly what you're going to get. Excellent.

I'll be updating this once I've had it running a little longer, but thus far it's looking pretty good and I would certainly recommend it as a pure Blogging tool.