Jet (?) Brains ...

I notice JetBrains have been messing around with their licensing model, isn't it strange how when companies achieve critical mass and market domination, they seem to think they can change the game and get away with it?

Not that I'm specifically criticising this change, indeed from a personal perspective I think it's great, as is the fall-out. JetBrains (IMHO) make the best IDE tools out there and I for one own a number of licenses.

That said, the tools are all written in Java, so although they are 'best in class', there are inherent problems that revolve around performance and memory consumption, so if this is going to disgruntle users the the extent it gives other tools a shot, then it all sounds good to me!

You can find all the JetBrains tools here (and they are good!)

Here are some of the other contenders that anyone looking for free alternatives might like to consider; (for C/C++) (Javascript/CSS/HTML) (Python) (C/C++/PHP/Javascript) (HTML/CSS/Javascript)