iFlexRTSStudio Walkthru

iFlexRTSStudio Walkthru

So, I've been putting this off, partly because I'm rubbish at doing videos and presentations, and partly because I got sidetracked into actually using the Studio to develop something else. Anyway, I promised myself I'd do it this year, so I guess I ran out of road.

These are pretty basic, but they give a feel for the way in which it works and the kind of things you can expect. Part # 1 simply creates a project based on the default template.

Part # 2 adds a couple of microservices to the project. In this instance a microservice represents a logical self-contained functional unit, but it also represents a unit that can be replicated across multiple machines for load balancing.

Part # 3 converts the microservices to use client based SSL/TLS connections rather than the default WAMPCRA (username/password) connections supplied with the template.

In total, all three videos come to around 9 minutes. So, just to clarify, 9 minutes to get a live / secure Crossbar.io server running on a public IP, inside a container, with an active firewall, and two local microservice instances. (with me talking) Maybe 2 minutes if I shut up.