I see you!

One of the things I've been wanting to get going for the last year or so is video conferencing. WebRTC just looks too good to ignore, so given I'm working on an interactive web development framework, it's just a logical progression.

That said, it's one of those things you look at and think; Ok, so it looks easy, and the demos are only 20 lines long, but once I start, I could be on this for months... , so I've sort of been putting it off.

This week it occurred to me that someone must've done the bulk of the legwork already and I turned up Jitsi on a Google search at around 11pm. What the hell I thought, what can you do in an hour...

Well, this is where I was 35 mins later ..

So that was getting Jisti going, integrated into the framework, and added to the NAC application. Spent much of the next day testing it out with people, and maybe an hour or two with tweaks, channel numbers, calling, window resizing etc. (incidentally, the Chat is sat in a jsPanel)

For commercial use I probably want to compile from source to remove the watermark and set up my own bridge server, but it really is that easy. Assuming your bandwidth is Ok, quality is much the same as Skype or Hangouts .. I guess the difference is that these channels are encrypted, private, and if you run your own server, you can automatically record all the calls.

In context, that's sort of ideal for businesses ... I can't help wondering when using Skype or Hangouts, how many NSA or GCHQ staff are also in the conversation ..