Historical logs .. soooo yesterday ..

Historical logs .. soooo yesterday ..

I now have a working configuration for both Wordpress and SMF Forums, what I need now are people who want to help try it out ... what is it?

Live monitoring and statistics for your site

This is an application that has been developed in iFlexStudio with a view to demonstrating what it can achieve, but at the same time it's a useful tool that provides facilities that no other analytics tool does - notably real-time information. In time the idea is to extend this system to provide a real-time feedback function to Wordpress websites and SMF forums. Note that this is a "single page application", the idea being that once running (inside a browser) it will perform and feel like a local application with no page switching or delays.

Current / active users (in real time)

  • Connections and disconnections shown in real time
  • For each connection (on both Wordpress and SMF)
    • a live timer showing time on the session
    • the name of the page they are on
    • a drop down list of all pages they've visited and the time they've spent on each page
    • the link or page the user came from (the referrer)
    • the browser type, operating system type, country, city and ip address
    • if the user is logged in, their avatar and name

Dashboard (in real time for today)

  • Number of users who have completed sessions (+ moving average)
  • Number of completed sessions (+ moving average)
  • Number of pages viewed in completed sessions (+ moving average)
  • Total time spent on the site

Graph of sessions and pages over time (updated on session completion)

  • Selectable date rage "to" today
  • 5 minute sparkline of avg pages / minute
  • 5 minute sparkline of avg sessions / minute
  • 5 minute sparkline of avg users online

Client Analysis

  • Selectable date range
  • All tables show item / count / percent
  • Tables updates inline in real time
  • Usage by Browser type
  • Usage by Operating System
  • Usage by Country
  • Usage by City
  • Usage by IP Address
If you would like to try this, please get in touch either by leaving a comment here or by emailing me at gareth at linux.co.uk ... Lots more to come / tell me what you'd like to see!!