I've just set up a demo of the work I've been doing on Crossbar with Microservices and SPA's, it's all available on Github Here, and there's currently a live demo running Here.

Features of the demo
  • Single HTTP load to initialise application
  • All subsequent 'page' loads are via websockets
  • All content loads are via (which is the webserver)
  • JS/CSS loaded on the initial page load only
  • Websocket connections persistent across page switches
  • Websockets automatically re-authenticated on browser reload
  • All connections are SSL
  • Login / Logout implemented to demonstrate authenticated sessions

One of the main features here is speed .. typically when you load a web page, if you include graphics and other artifacts, then the load time is measured in seconds, often, many seconds.

If you look at the page transition time on the demo site, the load time is generally under 0.2ms, and the overall transition time with scripting, repainting etc etc, on my (old) workstation, is under 50ms.

If you check those numbers against a.n.other traditional HTTP only website, hopefully that should make my point .. :)