Countdown ...

Countdown ...

Ok, today I started putting up some community stuff for iFlexStudio. I've just managed to get all the Ansible stuff working, so I can roll out an instance on Digital Ocean with minimal finger movement, now I'm back on the bug list before I do any more feature work.

What I'm really looking for at this point is a little help re; use and testing. If anyone is interested in getting involved, the public project planner (which includes the issue tracker) is here;

And the slack group is here;

If anyone is interested, you can sign up to the tracker, and I'll send you an invite for slack. All you need (!) to use it is a working knowledge of Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS. There's very little by the way of documentation thus far, but if I can get a few people to play with Digital Ocean instances so we can see where the holes are, that should be enough to kick something off.

Few gratuitous screen shots of what's running at the moment.
(this is iFlexStudio compiling and running itself)