A Blast from the very dim and distant ...

A Blast from the very dim and distant ...

So, once upon a time, I had a 2MHz processor, 32K of RAM and a cassette tape drive, and when you switched into the best colour graphics mode, you ended up with around 6.5k of usable RAM for your code. Unfortunately most of what I worked on back then was lost, but I've just noticed an interesting / fun project which implements a BBC Micro in Javascript, thus allowing you to run old BBC Micro programs inside your browser.


A little searching and I turned up this thread;


And what-da-ya-know, it actually works. I wrote my first commercial program (game) back in 1982, and for the first time in around 30 years, I've just seen it run. Just for the record, this was around 2.5k of Assembler for the game itself and 4k of Basic for the intro screen / hi-score. You don't fit much code these days into 2.5k of RAM .. how times have changed!