So I've just upgraded from Ghost 0.11.8 to Ghost 2.0.

Now I know this is free software, but it was not a good experience. That said, the new upgrade process looks to be a lot better and I suspect things may improve in the future, but a word of warning; do not (!) even think about changing user id's, permissions, or anything else you might 'want' to change, or you're liable to be faced with a message telling you that your ghost folder doesn't contain a ghost installation.

Also, still plagued by the 'only one theme' problem. Yes there are some free downloads, but they're not necessarily compatible with 2.0, and to be honest, they're typically not very good! .. so 'Casper' it is, and if you don't like it .. well, there are some commercial themes out there for 25 bucks.

I'm afraid the Radical new features aren't doing it for me, so I'm kind of stuck with it for the moment, but when something good comes along I'll be moving on. One thing that does really impress me is the amount they can persuade people to pay for the hosted version, incredible!