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Well, I finally seem to have a working(ish) demo online and I'm starting to think about trying to put together a 3 minute video showing how easy it is to create an application online.

One thing that has become apparent is that what I was considering to be user content, that I'm supplying by default, is actually pretty important not only from a demonstration perspective, but moving forward, having all the authentication code there to tweak without having to think too much saves a lot of time. So I know I said no framework, I think a degree of boilerplate available for the back-end is going to help a lot.

Anyway, a demo session would go something like this;

  • Project menu
  • Create blank (enter name "Demo")
  • F8 (run all)
  • F9 (preview)

Which will deliver a page showing a single un-encrypted connection. Moving on;

  • Demo menu
  • Add self-signed ssl
  • Demo menu
  • New Microservice (enter name "Micro1")
  • Demo menu
  • New Microservice (enter name "micro2")
  • F8 (run all)
  • F9 (preview)
  • Click Authenticate

And you end up with something like this;

I'm leaving this running for now, if anyone wants to try this out (please do!) then then URL is, or alternatively I've enabled the SSL version which is available here; [self signed SSL to be prepared for the "insecure" warning]

Feel free to give Authenticate a shot, it's harmless and just validates your current google credentials against Google oAuth, also watch out for the blocked popups featue of your browser which will stop the Google validation popup - until you allow the popup.

I guess I'm also going to need some documentation beyond just WTF is this??! ...

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